Truck Relocation Tips

Posted on: 21 May 2021

As a miner or contractor, you would be wondering how you can relocate your oversized truck. It is especially so if you cannot transport the truck on a standard flatbed. Below is a guide detailing how to conduct truck relocation. 

Consider The Services Of An Experienced Haulage Company

The primary benefit of working with a haulage company is that they have the expertise, licencing and equipment required to move your massive truck. Consider the following when hiring a haulage company: 

  • Most businesses work on a tight schedule. As such, inquire about the company's availability to know if they are suitable for the move.
  • Check the company's reviews to determine whether they offer quality services to customers.
  • The company should offer a comprehensive range of transportation services. For example, could be you want to move the truck interstate or to another country.
  • Consider the company's pricing and terms. For example, they should insure the load and guarantee it will arrive on time. 

Formulate A Relocation Plan

The truck relocation plan details how you will move the oversized truck from its current location to its destination. Your primary concern should be government regulations. Breaking the law could lead to bank-breaking penalties or the impounding of your truck. Typically, the haulage company should secure the required licences and explain the various transportation regulations. For example, in some states, you can only move oversized loads at night. Besides, avoid urban areas to prevent traffic snarl-ups. 

You will also need an appropriate trailer to carry your oversized truck. Ideally, the truck should be escorted by pilot vehicles. You could need police escort when passing through urban areas. The company should inspect the route you will use to ensure they are prepared for challenges along the road. For instance, if the oversized truck will be delivered to a construction site, the haulage truck could experience problems accessing off-road conditions. In this case, it might need to be hauled. 

Relocation Tips

Although a relocation plan will ease the execution phase of the truck relocation, you might face some unexpected problems along the way. For instance, the haulage truck could break down. As such, you should have mechanics to address such problems. Alternatively, the haulage company should have an emergency truck on stand-by to be used if the primary truck breaks down. Changing road conditions such as poor weather and traffic could delay transportation. In this case, the team should know where to park the haulage truck to ensure it adheres to the night travelling regulations.  

Relocating your oversized truck should be easy once you hire a heavy haulage company. The company will handle all aspects of the move and protect you from legal liabilities. 

Reach out to a local truck relocation service to learn more.


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